Hansel Z Clydesdale
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One of my favorite pics

Welcome to Hansel Z Clydesdale's web site.

     Hansel married the one who called him by name... h, of H & H

     Since this is a "home" page I figured it appropriate to inform the reader that Hansel hangs his hat in Pothole City, Rednekistan, AKA: Beaumont, Deep Southeast Texas.
     By trade I am a pedaler, a peddler, the taxpayer, and Gardener at Bicycle Sports.  Since the United States Government owns everything, I view my experience in this bicycle shop and in this country as that of a tourist.  A stranger in a strange land.  The late, great United  States has become a distant memory.  This is not the country I fell in love with as a child.  It is not a country I would be willing to die defending.  BUT, I will be on the front line in the fight to take it back.
     He's not my President!  We are supposed to be a Republic and he is no 'President.'  B Hussein O should be sent to Cuba to take Castros place... he is a fascist/communist.  *

     Quit bitching.  Let's start a revolution!
     Prayer is revolutionary!  Please join  me in prayer for intelligent, ethical, unselfish, constitutional, conservative leadership for this country.

     Socialism leads to, and really is "soft" Communism.  

     Communism leads to, and really is "soft" Fascism.  

     Don't believe me?  Look at the way "emergency" legislation was rammed thru in February,  2009 by the New American Fascist.  We can hardly call his actions Presidential.  It's a frightening time and a terrible shame.

     I make these points to people almost every day.  

     What's left of our country needs prayer now worse than ever.  Please join me.

     My heart is grieved to the core at the current state of affairs in the country.  We have God sized problems.  We need God sized solutions.

     While people are being poisoned by the media, I have to share this with you.  I do not partake of any electronically broadcast news anymore.  Haven't since 1998.  Bliss describes it, but the panic instilled by the media spills on me almost every day.  Here's my answer::

     I bought a Camellia and planted it in Spring 2008.  It was loaded with buds and teased me all Summer, Fall and most of the Winter.  Finally in February 2009 it released  its beauty (pic below).  Stop in any time.  My goal is to have something blooming all year long, rite here at Bicycle Sports.


*A friend's mother, who is getting up in years, was being examined for lucidity andsomeone asked, "Do you know who the president is?"
     I would have qualified for a mental lock up when I answered, "We don't have a president... He's a fascist."

     Was Bush II any better?  No better than Bush I.  Were they better than the Clintons? I wouldn't have expected anything good out of the Clintons... but, I got way better from the Clintons than I ever thought possible.  In the end I was a little surprised.  But to answer the question... NO.  Our Government, universally, is so corrupt it is hard to stomach.  It's way out of control.  That's why I have retired to the garden and am so drawn to prayer...  Look what prayer's done for Tibet!  Oh, then there's Humor...


These blooms have been greatly anticipated since this Camellia was planted last Spring.  Even then it was loaded with blooms, but all summer, then all fall, then most of the winter, no blooms.  It drove me nuts.  At long last the beauty promised by all those buds is springing forth.  Feb 2009.