News in the Garden
More than once I have been accused of living in my own little
world...  now let me say,

Lord knows what someone called this flower.  isn't it beautiful?  imagine how many folks pass by here every day and never see its lovliness.  this plant is covered in thorns, the foilage looks like a weed, and the seed pods harden and look leathery, but for a few weeks a year its presentation is most glorious.  when the little red balls burst open, the new flower is yellow with a red center.  in a day, the yellow becomes orange and in another day it deepens to red.   i may bloom, like fireworks in slow motion over most of the summer.  this was planted with the Tx Mtn Laurels and the plant in the next picture. 07.31.09
UPDATE10.09:  a recent visit to Tucson AZ was full of surprises.  these flowers were abloom everywhere.  it was the end of the rainy season.   Texas mtn laurels were used as frequently in commercial landscaping.  their city has got to be a fragrant paradise in the spring time.  surprisingly, lavender coloured flowers were all about as well.  what a delight.  

this next goofy plant is a native and is drought resistant.  the city of houston uses them along highways and bayous where there are slopes because the roots run deep and the plant will hold the soil together.  plus, they are beautiful.  the goofy part is that one day, literally one day this plant will be covered in blooms.  the plant may look like this for a week or ten days.  then one day, literally all the blooms will drop off.  you can see them like delicate confetti sprinkled on the grass.  then a day or two later, viola!  purple blooms burst forth and we have beauty in the middle of this urban jungle.  would you like a cutting?  please, help yourself.  just stick it in the ground and water it.  Gods wonders never cease.  it will grow.  this was also planted at the same time as the slow growing Tx Mtn Laurels. 07.31.09

Texas Mountain Laurel, added last fall is already cascading lavender.  The two
Gray spikes are future blooms.  There are 5 of these on the property.  3.11.09

Little Natural Snackies... is this a LoQuat?  I don't know, but I do know you can just pop these in your mouth skin and all.  Tasty little treats.  Chewable, edible sunshine.